Friday, December 17, 2010

Externship - Lake Austin Spa Resort

I switched externships – like you didn’t see that coming! LOL

Sit down, and listen – I applied for an externship with Chef Terry Conlan at Lake Austin Spa Resort and got it!

After my first experience with the other externship and the wasted day – I was excited!

I learned the lunch station – the guest seemed to enjoy the lunch menu. The lunch station is a busy station; there is a lot of prep work involved – including the veggie soup, two dinner salads and keeping the desserts stocked. And being in charge of the 3pm appetizer! I enjoyed coming up with interesting appetizers!

My hours seem to fly by – and now I’m done!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Externship - Strike One

I accepted an externship, a paid externship - with a corporation that I'll keep to myself. I interviewed and talked to the executive chef. I never walked through the kitchen - strike one. I assumed that "line work" meant exactly that - working on the line - strike two. I also assumed I'd be actually doing more than moving yogurt from the original container to a clear plastic container and then adding fresh sliced fruits...and a sticker saying what was in the clear plastic container - strike three. The one and only day I ever worked there...was just that. And then, I found out what "line work" meant - to say I was shocked and a bit irritated was mild. I served lunch to the corporation for three hours! So - one day and eight hours I'll never ever see again...

Lesson Learned - always ask to SEE the kitchen and have the chef walk you through what the position is...before you accept the position. If he/she gets upset and they don't have TIME to show you around - especially if it is for a corporation!

To be honest, they did not need me - the girl that they had me working with could have handled this position alone - the guy before her did just fine

Good Luck! There are so many great Culinary Externships out there!

Monday, November 1, 2010

LCB Photos

I'll explain the photos later :)

I accepted an externship today!
Ventana - we were the last official class - now known as Technique

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Look In Ventana

My 2nd amuse bouche - and this one was much more delicious than my first

Crab meat with clarified butter and zested lemon and a little pinch of cayenne pepper

Chef Loiacono

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A look at the different stations

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My first amuse bouche
Italian sausage with a sour cream base and pickled red onions and zested lemon

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